Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

This has been an interesting few weeks. 

I came home from Kenya to no home . . . or rather to realize that my home is where my hubby is.

We sold our house just before I left (praise God!), and the closing date was while I was gone. We were packing the house while I was packing for Kenya. Phil nobly finished packing and moving out with the help of the great people at our church.

Many thanks to Terri and Charley and all the rest at Kilgore Bible Church!!  And to Harriet Clark who opened the door for us to stay in her guest house and swim in her pool. 

We went from a bungalow to a small guesthouse, and then to a “mini” travel trailer. Stepping down to less each time—and putting all we can’t take with us for now into storage—has been a strong reminder of how things really are.

We can’t take it with us.

Reminds me of the rhyme we were taught as kids, “Only one life, it will soon be past.  Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

The odd thing to me is that, as a teenager and young adult, travel trailers seemed to be symbols of pampered wealth, a “fat,” indulgent way to camp. Phil had once mentioned it might be fun to have one for fishing in the mountains. I didn’t pay much attention.

Then a friend gave us a $1000 trailer hitch for Phil’s Toyota Tundra.  Hmmm . . .  .

Our new home on wheelsAt the same time, it was becoming clear we would need to travel extensively in North America.  Meeting face to face with possible partners is crucial, And often, we’ll be visiting with organizations rather than individuals. It finally occurred to check into whether doing this with a travel trailer would be a more economical option than motels. The math said yes.

So . . . I ate some humble pie, and we used some of our savings for a new-to-us Summerland Mini. We are currently “full-timers” since we have no other house at the moment.

Actually, it’s quite lovely to be able to haul our little house.

We can sleep in our own beds wherever we are.  Phil says we are learning the trailer dance, moving around each other in tight spaces, stepping back to open a door or let each other pass.

Those aren't the only things we’re learning.  Many thanks to friends for tips!  And to Phil for his great driving skills!