Catalyst Project

Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

Good news!  The wheelchairs you've helped with are finally getting to the children who need them.

Ralph, Pete, Elizabeth, Jack and Rosie received chairs from CLASP.   Finding the funds took time since CLASP required a minimum number of chairs per order required. The shipment was also delayed during Covid, and fitting chairs was delayed due to Covid restrictions in Kenya. 

Rachel. Walter, Kevin and George have BeeLine chairs.  We started the process to get these chairs to Kenya in 2017!!!  Thanks for all who helped make this possible.  They finally arrived in January this year. 

Persistence is finally bearing fruit and joy is beginning as children are being fitted.  Thanks for your help and prayers.


Walter waiting for a wheelchair so he can go to school. 
Click here for more of his story.

And some hard news.

Many of you were praying with me that BethanyKids would receive a grant to start a local facility.  There were over 90 applications for six grants and the BethanyKids application was not successful.  A local source of wheelchairs would avoid long shipping delays and be able to provide a more adequate supply.  The BeeLine container had 80 wheelchairs, and the CLASP container had around the same number, yet over 500 children like Walter come to BethanyKids annually for wheelchairs. So sad that many are left waiting when organizations like BethanyKids have skilled teams in place, and organizations like BeeLine have appropriate ISO tested wheelchair designs.

BethanyKids would like to partner with BeeLine to make BeeLine chairs in Kenya. Please pray that, although they didn't get the grant, funds will become available and doors will open.