Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

It’s been a stressful week. I’ve had a cold and so many things are happening with AT Catalyst. Good things, and challenging. The deadline for a trip to Kenya is here - flights out *this afternoon! It's hard to leave Phil, but he wants me to go this time. We live in such a convoluted world, always things to stew over, to try to figure out.

I've been reminded deliberately take the time to see beauty around me. The original text of the hymn, “For the Beauty of the Earth,” written in 1864, includes these verses that have been so healing.

For the beauty of the earth,
   For the beauty of the skies,
For the Love which from our birth
   Over and around us lies:
Christ, our God, to Thee we raise
  This our Sacrifice of Praise.

A specific request

Next week on Tuesday in Kenya, God has opened doors for some of us to meet with Motivation leadership. Motivation is one of the global motivators and influencers for appropriate wheelchair provision.

It would be great if you could pray for God's guidance and peace over that, and over all the interactions I'll be involved with on this trip.

May your week be filled with a special awareness of God's beauty.


*February 11