Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

These research tools have been validated and used in multiple studies in low-resource settings. We hope you enjoy using them to provide data that can improve your services to people with mobility challenges.

The Wheelchair Satisfaction Questionnaire is a tool for wheelchair users which enables them to provide data on their own satisfaction with the function of their wheelchair in their daily life.

The Wheelchair Interface Questionnaire is a tool for therapists to use provide data on the quality of the interface between a user and their wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Components Questionnaire is a tool for therapists and wheelchair technicians to use to provide data on the maintenance condition of a wheelchair.

The Aspects of Wheelchair Mobility Test is a tool to provide data on the mobility facilitated by different wheelchair types. It can be used along with Modular Rough Surface Units, which provide a standardized rough surface for wheelchair users.

The Modular Rough Surface Units have three rolling environments, rough, smooth and tight spaces.  The MRSUs are a way to make a describable/repeatable rough surface.

The Lower Limb Function Questionnaire is a tool for people who have artificial legs or leg braces to provide data on how well their legs are working for them.