Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

Kenya team gathered around a tableList of items that constitute an empowered caregiver

A Catalyst team led by Dr. Jessica Tsotsoros was in Kenya recently. The team which included occupational and physical therapy professors, practitioners, and students worked closely with Kenyan therapists. Learning went both ways!  Here’s a picture from a seminar on teaching parents to care for their special needs children.  Look at the collaboration happening!  And the huge impact on lives on the white board that the caregivers themselves listed.

The container of just under 100 Liberty chairs you all helped with had just arrived when they came.  The team and the Bethany Kids team together went on a trip to fit Masai children with wheelchairs near Magadi. Pictures below.

Vehicles on a dusty roadDr. Tsotsoros talking with a few people gathered around
A mother with a child on her lapDr. Tsotsoros and others working on a wheelchair

And GREAT news.  The long awaited container of BeeLine chairs arrived this week!!  This was a collaborative effort that took several years to happen.  Importing is NOT easy!! Because these chairs are modular the great local team can configured them to the special needs of individual children.  These are the wheelchairs we hope to have manufactured in Kenya.

A truck with packages and two people happily wavingA man assembling a Beeline wheelchair