Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

Thank you so much for your friendship, collaboration and prayers over the years we have been doing this!! You all have been such a gift as we partnered together to get appropriate care and wheelchairs to those who need them, collaborating to bring resources and training to existing faith-based health initiatives.

I mentioned earlier that Phil had been diagnosed with Parkinsons. That diagnosis has been modified to include Lewy Body Dementia. He's still mostly okay now. However it seems like time for me to step back to focus on being with him. I'm planning to retire at the end of December.

Good news! Things will be even better on-going because God has brought a great team together.

Link to see the IDEAS Team

Jonathan Biggers and his wife Kristi will are now taking lead with the IDEAS team, and it's growing!! First it was just me, then Jonathan and Kristi joined, and now five others are coming on board!! These bring great skills! Assistive technology professional, prosthetist, nurses, public health people and Jonathan is a pastor very interested in helping local churches welcome families encountering disability. Jonathan will also be leading the inter-organizational Catalyst team. Jonathan and Kristi were in Guatemala in September - some photos are below.

If you'd like to stay in touch and receive Jonathan's email updates please hit reply and let me know. I'll connect you.

Two people with medical masks giving a small child a medical examination.Two people are smiling at each other. One is in a wheelchair, the other is bending down to make eye contact.

Link to see the Interorganizational Team

Right from the beginning the Catalyst team has been a network, partnering with Bethany Kids, Luke McAuley an occupational therapist with SIM and others. This committed group is growing and works closely on the same goals, each contributing skills including therapy, prosthetics and business and leadership skills. For example Luke McAuley and Bethany Kids initiated a fellowship in pediatric occupational therapy in Kenya. He was on furlough in August and Dr. Jessica Tsotsoros OT PhD, was in Kenya while he was gone to teach, to work alongside the students, and to add a research aspect - Some photos are below.

A group of people is smling at the camera.Two people are interacting with a child in a wheelchair.

Phil and I would appreciate your prayers very much as we navigate the journey. We'd also love to stay in touch and hear about your journey as well. Life is often quite challenging!! If you'd like our personal email, hit reply and I'll send it.