Catalyst Project

Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

It’s been a little while since I was able to sit down and write about the new journey Karen and I are on. It’s been quite a summer with close to 5000 miles driven. We made two trips between Longview Texas and Didsbury Alberta Canada.

On the first trip we traveled around the US meeting with people who had partnered with us and we had the chance to present the opportunity to others to join the AT Catalyst team. The second trip involved a one-way flight from Calgary to Longview Texas then a long drive piloting a U-Haul truck with a car hauler on behind between Longview and Didsbury. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of many people who support us.

These folks came out to help pack up our belongings, load the truck at the American end and unload the truck at the Canadian end. Karen and I are very thankful for all of you who were a part of that. There was also a lot of prayer given on our behalf. There was safety during the drive, we crossed the border into Canada with a minimum of fuss, paperwork for the vehicles got done, we were able to buy and move into a new home, and now most of the boxes that held our belongings are empty and things have begun to get organized.

The whole experience has reinforced for me an understanding of the need for community. In our case we are very fortunate to be part of a large community. There are people we have known for many years but seldom seen who took part in helping us. Our church community packed boxes and the truck enabling us to get on the way. Finally, close friends were there for us providing muscle, moral support and prayer during this transition. I’ve read recently that the fastest growing mental health problem is the problem of loneliness particularly for those over the age of 50.

I can say without reservation that the churches Karen and I are linked to provide community and friendship that we would not have had otherwise. Karen and I appreciate you all and thank you for all the effort and help.

Phil Rispin