Catalyst Project

Facilitating wheelchair services through faith-based hospitals in low-resource countries.

The rather unexpected trip to Guatemala was amazing. It was lovely to see Josh, Luke, Joab, Mark and Jeff planning together. While we were there we did the first planning steps for a research trip and family camp in June. We even met the Guatemalan minister of health thanks to Esther and Mark. Just to make things more dramatic, there was a small earthquake while we were there.

This week, Josh, Jonathan and Joseph are heading for Colorado for an orientation with IDEAS and I'll be joining them for part of that. The AT Catalyst team is growing! Next week plans are we will be heading to Kenya with the research team from University of Oklahoma. It's so important to actually check to see if wheelchairs are working well for those using them! There are key meetings planed on next steps to put in place a facility that can make BeeLine chairs and other assistive technology locally in Kenya. We've all been impressed by the versatility of the BeeLine concept.

We covet your prayers. Please pray that God pours peace over all the steps of our trip and that all we do helps children with disabilities across East Africa to move from isolation to hope.

Our web link if you'd like to help with this.